Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Darvocet: mmm mmm good

Second round of Lipo Dissolve yesterday at 4:30. I think knowing what to expect made it better this time, although I don't recommend doing it on an empty stomach. Came home feeling like ick, and my wonderful hub force-fed me crackers until I was okay again. Have I told you all how great he is?!

So...two main differences that made this round much, much better than the first. Primarily, I have to thank my good friend Darvocet. I have a few left over from the arrival of Zozo, so I finally broke down and took one last night (after voting, natch). Ahhh, blissful relief, and sleepiness. The second thing I did differently was to purchase what I can only describe as a modern girdle. It's control-top pantyhose without the pantyhose. "Bodyshaping hosiery" is the industry term, I suppose. I got them at Target, and the brand is Assets (how funny is that?!). Come to find out, it's the same woman who created Spanx, Sara Blakely, which is the hoity toity version sold at fine department stores. Anyway, using the hosiery instead of an ace bandage that never stays where it's supposed to has made all the difference in the world. It's way more comfortable, and it doesn't ride up. It's also not as bulky under my nice slacks, which is good since my hips are now the size of Toledo again.

We voted last night, and there wasn't a long wait at all. We both chose to use the electronic voting booth, mainly just to see how it went. Totally cool. No more hanging chads! M held Zozo the entire time, which was great since a breeze blowing over my hips made me want to scream in agony. Zoe claimed afterward that she also voted on two proposed amendments. One was for an increase in the toys-per-child requirement. She then also voted for a statewide ban on sippy cups, which she still apparently hates as long as she's in her own home.

So, congratulations to everyone who won last night, condolences to those candidates who didn't, and kudos to M for voting for the first time in his life! Yay! He has now earned the right to bitch about our government, the economy, the idiots in office, the idiots running for office, the Republican party, the Democrat party, the Green party, the Libertarians, the President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, Senate Pro-Tem, Minority Whip, and everything that's wrong with Washington, D.C. I raise my mocha in toast to you, my civic-duty-minded hubster!

Not-so-secret messages for the day:
Beanie: hope you're feeling better today!
Mama: hope you're digging out from the pile of wedding invitations!
Papa: hope you're staying out of the wedding planning!
Mom Z: hope the weather is nice enough for you and Zozo to go for a walk today!
M's Dad Z: hope your job stays relatively uneventful!
My Dad Z: hope the pedicure chairs stay fixed for awhile!
Judy: hope your birthday was grand!
Stef: sign me up for Peru, baby! (if you're not on vaca with Big Lee and Elliemeister)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN..."raise my mocha"? That sounds a bit like you didn't drive STRAIGHT to work this morning.

10:37 AM  

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