Friday, October 27, 2006


It's absolutely amazing what a good night's sleep can do for your mental health.

I know I'm going to hear a chorus of groans from everyone when I announce this: I skipped the World Series game last night in favor of getting both my physical house and my mental house in order. Many thanks to Dad Z for filling in and taking my ticket, accompanying M to the game and rooting the Cards on to another victory.

After Zozo went down at eight, I cleaned off the kitchen counter and got our bedroom picked up. It looked like a war zone in there. Or a frat house. Between going to work, coming home and peeling off work clothes to put on 12 layers of Cardinals gear and racing back out again, returning late to fall into bed and doing the same thing the next day, we had clothes everywhere.

Then I climbed into bed and listened to the ballgame as I drifted off to peaceful slumber. The last thing I remember is hearing them go up by a run and thinking, "Oh, shit..."

Woke up today feeling so much better, re-energized and ready to head back downtown tonight to cheer our Cards on to a victory!

In all the hullaballoo over the games and the car and everything else, I forgot to send a very important thank you out to Dad and Judy for watching Zozo Wednesday. You guys were a big help and we appreciate you! Zozo loves spending time with you, too.

Everyone keep praying for Uncle Mark. He's undergoing various treatments and I don't know that they have figured out quite what's going on yet. Dad Z, Grandma and Margaret are driving up there today, so pray for safe voyage for them as well.


Anonymous mama said...

Hi Aim, Just wanted to remind you that in your "profile" (on the blog) you forgot to mention that you are also a DAUGHTER, as in mine!
Love ya

7:24 PM  

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