Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Remarks

Several observations this fine morning:

1. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows does not go with Ricola Natural Cherry Honey Herb Throat Drops, even though they are both "from Switzerland."

2. Anybody can start a "magazine" and sell advertising space in it, as is evidenced by the solicitation I just received for the O'Fallon Family Shopper, that looks like it was designed and put together by a second grader (no offense to second just haven't had any formal design training). "No thanks, not at this time, no money in the budget, don't call me...I'll call you..."

3. The national media takes a certain glee in deflating one's pride in one's city. A mere three days after being crowned World Series Champs, our fine city has been ranked highest in terms of crime. I hate the media, most days, and today is no exception. My hatred stems from the national media insinuating that my beloved American Red Cross was doing something funny with the money raised after 9/11, when that couldn't have been further from the truth. Makes me real proud to have earned that journalism degree (although it did come from The World's Finest School of Journalism).

4. You always have a wish list a mile long until someone up and asks you, "What do you want for Christmas." Immediately your mind goes blank and all you can think is, "my garlic press is kinda cruddy...maybe a new one of those?"


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