Friday, November 03, 2006

Finally, an image

It's Friday, and my boy comes home tonight from LA! Yay!

My calendar looks blissfully open this weekend, which means two things: 1.) I don't have to be anywhere for anything and 2.) my husband will be busting his butt working on our Christmas display. This means I have to get cracking on the invite for this year. I have some ideas, which is usually the hard part. Getting it laid out and printed is cake once the initial idea is in place.

Also need to get cracking on dumping the Halloween pix and uploading them here. I've been trying for days to upload an image or two Beans sent me, but Blogger has been burping again and wouldn't let me post any photos.

Monthly staff meeting this morning, where I presented once again without making an ass of myself (yay me!). Always a good thing. Got back to my seat and P leaned over to whisper to me. I thought, "Here it comes, she's gonna tell me how much better my presenting has gotten!" Instead she said, "You know, your hips have really gone down! You look good!" Not what I was expecting, but great nonetheless. Hmmm, what does it mean when your boss is checking out your hips instead of listening to your presentation? It means you work in the spa industry.

Funny story from Grammy yesterday. She called me in a panic in the morning after she figured out that she had tossed her good black slacks in the bag to go to Goodwill. This is not normally panic-material, but she was planning to wear those very slacks to an event at the St. Louis Club yesterday. This makes it a crisis of epic proportions. I hate having to scrounge around trying to find something else to wear when you've already planned your wardrobe. Nothing seems to work after that and it can make me downright grumpy the whole day. Anyway, so she found something else to wear and was just fine, and I'll be damned if she didn't head right to Goodwill after her event and buy her favorite pants back for three bucks! This is cracking me up. I said, "I'd have just gone and bought new slacks." She responded, "It's too hard to find them to fit, and these were expensive!" Yeah, and now they're even $3 more than what she originally paid for them! Kudos to Grammy for tracking down your favorite pants and buying them back!

Well, hallelujah, Blogger finally got over its head cold and let me post an image. Here is Zoe in her Halloween costume, sitting on my lap at Grammy and Papa's. Many thanks to Beano for sending this! I'll try to post my own images this weekend.

Sister Zoe Grace


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