Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 World Series Champs!

So sweet to type I'll type it again...2006 World Series Champs!!! Wooo hoooooo!

Haven't posted since Friday...for good reason. I've pretty much been a useless blob ever since the Cardinals won the World Series. My cold held out, thank goodness, for the win, so I was able to enjoy every single moment of it. Got some pictures, but I took the lil' Nikon, not the Big Dog, so they're pretty far away and not nearly as good as the ones I'm sure the pro photogs who were down on the field got. M has the cam with him at the celebration right now, so I can't post anything yet.

Many thanks to Aunt Shelly for inviting M and Zozo to the celebration! I'm so glad they could go! M has waited since, well, 1982 for this, and I don't want him to miss a single second. He retired the infamous Cardinals rally band Friday know, the one that he got during the play-offs last year and refused to remove until the Cardinals won the World Series. Thank goodness that's over.

We've also learned that the Z Fam plans to celebrate the Cardinals' victory over Christmas when everyone is in by opening the bottle of champagne left from the '85 World Series. Uncle Marty posted a note on it that says, "Do not open until Denkinger makes the call." Well, buddy, Denkinger has indeed made the call. Congratulations Cardinals and Cardinal fans!

Well, just posting this has about drained my energy for awhile. Who knew that typing could be so strenuous. That, and I'm not feeling particularly witty or humorous right now. Just waitin' for my man and my baby to get home so we can go to the grocery store. Woo hoo.


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