Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween!

Many apologies for not posting earlier (Papa), but when one works a half day, one has to cram 8 hours of work into four. Not to mention all the Halloween festivities and that today we celebrated our controller's 40th birthday with pizza. Priorities, priorities.

Well, we're 4/5 the way through our trick-or-treating rounds with Zozo. I shall not disclose her costume yet, as there is still one more stop to make and I don't want to ruin it. Photographs will be posted soon. Let's just say that so far she's been a hit.

So now I'm blogging from Mama's, which is very weird, as she's standing right behind me, reading as I type. Not used to such an immediate audience.

This is pretty cool...I've blogged from Uncle Milt's computer, Mom and Dad Z's computer, and now Mom's. I'm a multi-location blogger, I am.

Did you know that when you drop a small container of blueberry yogurt out of the fridge, it will explode all over your khaki pants and the fridge? Yes, we know this first-hand now, thanks to M's little experiment this morning. And of course it was the blueberry, which is quite dark and likely to permanently stain. So we were a little late getting out the door, since he had to strip down right there in the kitchen so I could take his pants downstairs to rinse and spot them with Shout. Throw 'em in the wash, set it to cold, and hope for the best. Haven't had a chance to check on them, but he needs new pants anyway, so it won't be horrible if they are indeed ruined.

I borrowed his obnoxious Cardinals shirt and wore it to work today as The Cardinal Fan for Halloween. Lots of other people dressed up, too, and I got pictures, so I'll try to post them when I post Zozo's.

Time to visit with the fam now...I really just wanted to get on to post something so Papa would quit griping that I didn't post today.


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