Monday, October 09, 2006

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Sometimes, when you least expect it, things just start to fall into place. At those times, it's important to sit back and enjoy it, and be thankful for it, and grateful for those people who helped it all to happen.

A belated happy birthday to cousin Clare! Hope you had a great day, sweetie!

Thank you to bro Steve, with whom I had a great conversation yesterday, sitting at our kitchen counter. Steve is a great person for bouncing ideas off, because he's pretty knowledgable in all things Catholic. I had some issues that I've been carrying around for a long time (I'm a good Catholic, and carry my guilt for ages), and Steve, in one short conversation, helped to clear some of that up. Thanks too, Steve, for your funny stories about Virgil, which made me laugh and realize that other people have to deal with shit just like me.

Feelin' pretty good today, despite a nagging lower back issue. My buddy at work, Chris, taught me a good stretch for it, and that helps quite a bit. Just wondering what my other coworkers think when they walk in my office and find me on the floor on all fours, rocking slowly back and forth (much like Zozo does when she's going to sleep, actually, although her rocking is much faster, and much cuter).

Nothing much else going on, but I do have some nagging deadlines at work and so must get busy cranking those out. Good, slow and steady week ahead of me, which is just lovely as far as I'm concerned.

Dinner out tonight with one of M's old colleagues from across the pond. Haven't seen him in about a year, but he's one of those people with whom you can just pick right up again and have a great time. It's an adults-only dinner, so Zozo will not be attending. I will miss her, but I will not miss having to stop eating my dinner forty times to pick up whatever she's decided to toss on the floor.

Still on a high from the Cards win last night...


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