Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pass the Ivory soap, please

It's a lovely day in spa-land. I've been the Marketing Social Butterfly this morning, starting out at our Chesterfield location to work with some Channel 5 folks on the Show Me St. Louis wedding. We're doing the bride's hair and make-up. Lots of fun. Then back to Brentwood for some training on a new piece of equipment we have called VISIA. It's a complexion analysis system that checks out spots, pores, wrinkles and other goodies, and compares you to a database of other men and women in your age group and skin type. Then it tells you what services and products you can use to improve your skin. It's very high-tech and cool, and backs up what our very-knowledgable estheticians already tell clients.

One of our hair stylists just had a baby, and she brought him in today for us to see. His name is Mason and he's just adorable. He's about 7 or 8 pounds and is so tiny. It's easy to forget that Zoe was smaller than that when she was born. I thought about going in to get her in the mornings or after naps now, when she's standing in her crib waiting for me. Can't believe it's been a whole year already. Feels like we were just getting ready to go into the hospital to have her.

Tomorrow we're both taking off work and going to the zoo as a family. I'm really looking forward to having some family time, and I know M is, too. I hope the weather cooperates, but I have a feeling that even if it doesn't, and we have to spend the whole day at home, we'll be just fine. It's a special day no matter what we do!

Beans gave me Duran Duran's Greatest Hits for my birthday (which means I now constantly have DD songs running through my head...yesterday it was Girls on Film, today is Hungry Like The Wolf) and two Audrey Hepburn movies, Roman Holiday and Sabrina. We watched Roman Holiday last night. It's a wonderful movie, and I think even M enjoyed it. That Gregory Peck, whooooo, he's a hottie. And Audrey is just delightful. Can't wait to watch Sabrina.

The one thing that I really noticed is just how accustomed I've become to cursing, crude comments, and sex on TV. Of course, watching an Audrey Hepburn movie on the heels of two straight weeks of Sex and The City is like eating McDonald's and then a creme brulee from Cafe Provencal. Anyway, I am now painfully aware of just how much I curse, as well, and how very unladylike that is. I know I can be very salty at times, and certain situations do call for an expletive or two, but now I realize just how much I sprinkle it throughout everyday conversation. Ugh. Going to wash my own mouth out with soap now.


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