Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Egad! My heads are clogged!

I hate it when my print heads are clogged. Hate it. And this time it appears I did it to myself.

I'm working on Zoe's birthday invitation and I printed two very lovely proofs. When I went to print the "real" ones, I decided to clean the print heads to get the very best possible print. That's when I inadvertently clogged them. Well, just the black one at first. And then a little magenta.

What really stinks about clogged print heads is that the only way to get them unclogged is to blow a shitload of ink through them, which means that ink, of course, can now not be used to print things.

Ink, in case you haven't figured out, is an expensive commodity. Someone (who has too much spare time) calculated out the cost of ink compared to the cost of champagne. If you bought a magnum of ink, it's something like five times more expensive that the most elite magnum of champagne. Now that's just ridiculous.

I'm unclogged now, though, and merrily printing away. Although I'm starting to get linesies in my printsies because it's not quite all the way unclogged, and yet there isn't enough ink left in the cartridge to blow out the print heads one more time. The prints are probably just fine for everyone but me, who is Anal Retentive with a capital A and a capital R when it comes to photographs.

Gotta go...The Hub (which is short for Hubby, which is short for Husband, for those of you who can't make the extreme leap of my slightly insane mind) is serving up cookies and milk for my evening snack and heaven knows I don't want to be late for that.


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