Sunday, August 06, 2006

Running the Bases

Today started at 7 a.m. and is just now winding down. After mass, we packed up and headed to Busch Stadium. All three of us. For the very first time. That's right: today was Zozo's first Cardinals game.

Cards played well (finally bringing home a second winner after something like eight straight losses), and Zozo's first homerun was by Juan Encarnacion, which is cool. She also saw a kick-ass flyover by an F-15 that was insanely low, to the point where I, and most people around me, actually ducked as it came over. Then the pilot whipped it around behind us and flew back over again, afterburners blazing. Way, way cool. Zoe, being the totally cool chick that she is, didn't even whimper. She gripped M a little harder but that was it. Cool under pressure, that one.

Zoe was awesome the whole day, going between me and M regularly before finally passing out on M's lap for a quick little nap. Then the game ended and it was time for the highlight of the day: Run the Bases. Since she can't even walk yet, much less run, her daddy was forced to take her himself. Yeah, it was real hard to get him to do that. Had to twist his arm and everything. They were so cute out there. I snapped some images but haven't dumped them yet. Am too tired to do much of anything tonight that requires actual thought, so you're just gonna have to wait to see 'em. They're good though. Trust me.

That was about it. Came home and fed Zoe dinner, then put her down for a nap before eating our own dinner. Now we've all had our baths and Zozo is down for the night and I think I'm not too far behind her.

Thank you to Mom and Dad Z for the tickets for the three of us. We had a blast at Zozo's first MLB game! She's already a true Cardinals fan! Not that she had any choice, what with the genes and all.


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