Sunday, July 02, 2006


I am tired. Cleaning my house kicked my booty. But, the house is spotless, the clutter is busted, and I feel good despite being tired. It was a very productive weekend, to say the least.

Unproductive as far as posting to the blog, but sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles. I absolutely had to clean my house or I'd have gone postal. No offense intended to any postal workers who are reading this, of course. It's just a phrase.

Last night M and I went to the Cards game for Date Night. We were both so beat from the day (he was out in the heat, which I can't imagine since I was sweating my tushie off cleaning in the A/C) that we sat there like zombies. Well, except when my boy Molina hit a home run. Way to go Yadi! There were others, of course, Rolen and Edmonds, but I think it's something special when a catcher hits one.

The bonus of the night was getting to see the fireworks at Fair St. Louis. Our seats are in section 450, way up high but directly behind home plate. They are awesome seats, and so not only did we have a great view of the game (even though we lost), we had a great view of the fireworks. I only had the Nikonette with me, but I popped off a few shots. We'll see what I got later, not tonight. Too dang tired to mess with it.

Today, after M ran around the yard and I ran around the house, we went to Grandpa Ray's and Judy's for a delicious meal and hanging out with the fam. It struck me again how lucky I am that not only do I get to see my family during holidays, but I also get to see them every day when I work with them.

Currently reading a book that Peg loaned me called "The Tipping Point." It's all about epidemics. Social, political, economical, market, etc. Not just the icky virus kinds. It's very, very interesting. I love reading about this stuff. Not only does it help me do a better job as a marketer, it helps me understand people. And I need help with that, because most of the time people just confuse the hell out of me.

Zozo is awesome, just in case you're wondering. She continues to amaze me, and I love just spending time with her. It's cool watching her figure stuff out, watching her learn. I think learning, and learning to learn, is so vitally important to having a full, complete life. I can't imagine not learning. I learn something every day. Chris, whom I work with, called me "a little sponge" last week, because of the way I suck up new information and ideas. I took that as a high compliment. So, I'm taking a page out of Zozo's book, and learning new ways to look at the world from a person who has only been on this earth for 10 short months.

Okay, I've had my reduced fat Oreos (you can't really tell the difference, I swear) and my skim milk, and I'm changing over a load of laundry then hitting the sack. I think M and I will both sleep very well tonight!


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