Thursday, July 20, 2006

Electricity is a good thing

Who needs power in St. Louis in the middle of summer anyway?!

105 degrees today, before the heat index, and 450,000 folks are without power due to the big storm that kicked our collective ass last night. We are one of the 450,000 homes without power (I'm blogging from work...shhhh...don't tell anyone). Our being without power means, of course, Mom and Dad Z are without power, which means that Mom Z and Zozo are heading to Grandma Z's today since she does have power (it probably wouldn't be good for a 10 1/2 month old baby to get up to 105 degrees...just a guess). That means she needed to take my car with the child car seat, which means that M took her boat-car (a gigantically huge automobile that gives me the willies when I think about having to drive it...FYI Mom Z hates it too, but it was a gift so she feels sorta stuck with the damn thing) and I took M's car.

M's car is a fun little sporty job that's a kick to drive...except when there are no working intersection lights between home and work and they've all turned into four-way stops. Clutch in, shift into first, clutch out, a little gas, ease forward, clutch in, shift out of first, clutch out, brake...repeat fifteen million times at each intersection.

We have power here at the spa, which is miraculous, but we'll have a ton of cancelations and no-shows, and those that do come in will be running late thanks to the traffic debacle. Uncle Mitch is having a colonoscopy today (prayers, please!) and will have to go back to a house with no power. Dad is coming in to get a (relatively portable) air conditioner from the spa and is taking it over to Peg and Mitch's with the generator. They're going to stick him and the cats in one room, seal it off from the rest of the house and try to keep it cool. Dad and Judy have power, so I'm leaving later to go get our kitties and transport them (and their food and their litter boxes) to their basement (they have two kitties who would not handle feline guests very well).

M is at work, where they have power, but no internet access. This means no instant messenger and no e-mail, which is a royal pain in the behind...especially when you're working for a company based solely on high-end technology.

Our GM here at work is leaving tomorrow on vacation for a she was forced to bring her last load of laundry in to finish it up.

Watching everyone scramble to make alternate plans is rather amusing, or would be if I weren't caught in the middle of it. Beans has no power, and neither do Grammy, Papa and GG. I heard that part of one of the terminal roofs at the airport blew off and landed on the highway last night, and some bricks from the Switzer Building near Eads Bridge landed on the bridge. The Millennium Hotel in downtown lost a few windows, and MetroLink was out for a time. Few bridges were closed after tractor-trailer trucks were blown over. One of the reporters said it best this morning: the damage is wide-spread but not catastrophic. I am worried, though, about all the elderly, sick, and babies today with this heat wave. I'm so grateful that Grandma Frank offered to let Mom Z take Zozo over there today. Thank you Grandma!

Okay, well, that's an update from this end. It's a little crazy, but it could be a helluva lot worse so I'm grateful all we have to deal with is some minor inconvenience. Thank you to everyone who called, concerned about Zozo and us and offering to help. We love you all!


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howdy doody old buddy! miss you! glad you are ok after that crazy storm!

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