Monday, July 10, 2006

Organizing Schmorganizing

M has completed his Arena chair stand prototype. We have four seats from the old Arena that we've had since our old house, that are virtually unusable without stands. They've been hanging out in our ultra-small storage room in the basement, taking up way too much space. They're funky because they're rather large, and bulky, so you can't stack them on anything, or stack anything on them. Constant source of frustration to me, the girl who likes to organize more than just about anything else.

So, now that the seats are out of there, I can get to work. We have a rather large stack of "hangables" that need to go on the walls downstairs. We haven't done anything with them because the whole basement was going to be torn up to pier anyway. Now that we're not piering, we're going to go ahead and drill holes all over the walls. That will clear out some more space.

What's left is mainly Christmas decorations, and a few boxes of keepsakes. I'm missing a book box or two (our books had been stored downstairs until we completed the library), so hopefully I'll find those and my Tom Clancys can join their brethren upstairs. I love the idea of clean, simple living. I love the idea of turning my tiny storage room into a hyper-efficient realm of order and calm. Okay, so maybe that's taking it a bit too far, but I'd love to not have to climb over luggage to get to my laundry hamper.

It's taking me a lot longer to conduct my "crap purge" this time, mainly because I have to keep stopping to play with Zozo (and that's just awful, you know!), but it's coming along. I purchased an over-the-door plastic shoe holder for the linen closet in the hall bathroom, because I read something in Real Simple magazine that showed using one to store all the bathroom stuff you use semi-regularly. I am so excited to stick my band-aids in there, and the extra Chapsticks, and extra toothpaste/toothbrushes, etc. Lots of first aid stuff, so I don't have to haul out the over-stuffed Rubbermaid bin every time. This will clear up quite a bit of shelf space so my towels no longer need to be leaning towers that threaten whoever is brave enough to open the door. Wouldn't you know it...the linen closet door is significantly more narrow than other doors, and so the shoe holder doesn't fit. Grrrrr. M is going to look at modifying it, and I'm going to search on-line for a smaller one.

I have infected M with the "crap purge" disease. He's all ready to tear into that storage area and throw a bunch of stuff out. Ahhh, it's good to have a partner with in my fetishes. Now, if we can just find shelves to store his six bins of train cars...


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