Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday Cleaning and Saturday's Movie Marathon

Yesterday was a lovely day cleaning and playing with Zozo. It's easier than I thought to vacuum with a small child on your hip, I found out. The house is clean and smells good (yay lemon Swiffers!) and the yard looks fantastic (yay M!). Zozo's raging diaper rash is under control, finally, so she no longer screams her head off when we lay her down to change her. That alone made for an interesting weekend. I'm sure the woman who was in the restroom with us at Panera yesterday afternoon still has ringing in her ears from Zoe trying to let everyone know I was ripping her arm out of her socket (that's what it sounded like, anyway).

Watched three movies on Saturday, which I believe is a record for me. A personal best. The gold medal of laziness. The Stanley Cup of Sloth. The World Championship trophy of Couch Potatoes. First I watched "Unfaithful" with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Wow. That'll mess with your brain. So many questions. Why did she give him that stupid snow globe, anyway? Decided that it was way too deep to let linger in my pea brain, so I popped in "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase. In case you were wondering, "Funny Farm" ain't so funny. Probably why it was bundled in with the other two Chevy Chase movies that actually are funny. After that snoozer I watched "My Cousin Vinny," which is always good for a few chuckles. Hadn't seen it in years, and cracked up simply over the fact that Ralph Macchio used to be the It Boy. And for some reason, Bronx accents just kill me.

Know what else kills me? I just realized that while I was laying on my couch, letting my brain seep out of my head by watching idiotic movies, my best friend was freakin' hiking around Mont Blanc in Europe with all her clothes in a backpack. Couldn't get any further apart, could we? Yeah, but now my house smells like lemon Swiffers and hers doesn't, so ha.

Let's see...what else to report? Nothing much, really. Going to the game tonight, where I fully plan to sweat my tushie off. Am going only for the Date Night value of it. I love the Cardinals, but not enough to be miserably hot for several hours. However, I do love my husband enough to do that. Another event here at the spa tomorrow. This is a small skin-care luncheon we are providing in conjunction with Hammerbodies Personal Fitness. It's a great program and is only an hour long. Limited to 25 or so participants, which is very manageable as far as creating goody bags and such. Decorations are minimal...just a nice little lunch in our Oasis Room. Day after that is our management meeting, then Thursday is lunch with my buddy Ping from Red Cross. I find it very strange that after five-plus years of working there, and creating what I thought were lasting friendships, I hang out with only one person from there now. And really, we're much closer now than we were when I was there. Hmmm. Interesting. All I know is I'm darn glad to count Ping among my friends, because she always makes me laugh and because she's just damn cool.

That's all for me, for now. Oh! Wait! Wanted to give a quick shout-out to Aunt Pheobe, who sent me two of the loveliest e-mails I've ever received. Loved them! And don't worry about misspellings or grammatical errors. I save my Grammar Queen wrath and disdain for people I don't love. When you're writing from the heart, I don't care how you spell it or what your sentence structure is...the love shines through! I'm workin' on your CD...sorry I haven't gotten it burned yet. I was busy watching worthless movies on Saturday and not hiking around Mont Blanc.


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