Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Photo Printers and an Anniversary

Hidey ho good neighbor! Today is a bright day in The Lou. Why? Well, because the bully has been neutralized, I have no plans for this evening except for playing with my new photo printer, and I get a free fried chicken lunch because it's our GM's birthday today.

The photo printer arrived on our doorstep yesterday. We had a bit of time before we left to go out to eat for Mom and Dad Z's anniversary, so I started pulling it out of the box and reading the directions. I'm anal like that...I always read at least the quick-start directions before using something new. When we got home from dinner, the power was out, and I just thought it was highly ironic that the power was out just when I had the chance to plug in the photo printer and play around with it.

About an hour after returning home, though, power blipped back on and I was back in business. I posted to my blog, then sat in the library and played. The PictureMate is so freakin' cool. I popped the smart digital card out of the Nikonette and plugged it in, and within minutes I was printing beautiful glossy 4x6s. Messed around and got some wallets printed of Zozo, too. M, of course, being the good, frugal husband he is, after scrutinizing the results and pronouncing them "very cool," felt the need to remind me that at approximately 21 cents per print, I had just spent over a dollar. Some things never change. I think every night our Christmas lights are on, I should remind him how much it's costing to run the display. He probably will like that about as much as I liked hearing that I had spent a dollar on printing photographs last night.

Not a whole lot to report since last night, except to send anniversary greetings to Mom and Dad Z. Today is their wedding anniversary, so we hope they both have a wonderful day (even though they have to be apart) and an even more wonderful evening, when they actually get to be together. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


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