Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday. Blah.

Monday. The start of another work week. Which is normally fine, but this week sorta sucks.

You see, this week I am going to a funeral and am finishing preparations for a rather large event at our O'F spa, and sometime in there figuring out what to pack and then actually packing for our road trip.

So, my goal today over lunch is to start on my packing list. I usually do a packing list before trips, but this one is the first one that includes things for a third person in our family. Here is the key: how much "stuff" she requires is inversely proportional to her size. We have the car loaded just for a day at Grammy and Papa's, so I can't imagine how packed it will be for this trip. The good news is that we'll be packing a car with a brand spankin' new alternator.

Feeling a little rough today because Stef is flying back home to AA. I didn't get a chance to call her over the weekend after seeing her Saturday morning, which I feel slightly guilty about, but am telling myself was for the better so she could devote all her attention to her parents, one of whom is the actual reason she flew in for the weekend. Still, it made me feel good just to know she was here in town instead of waaaay up north.

Am not particularly cheerful or witty this morning...sorry. Tried to convince M to stop at a coffee place on the way, but he was his usual practical self (thank God, because if he wasn't we'd be blowing tons of cash at Starbucks and be living in a cardboard box in the parking lot) and negotiated for Starbucks tomorrow morning, on the way to the funeral. So it's green tea today, and polishing off the last little bit of the "old" honey from A2, before starting on the fresh new jar that Steffi brought me Saturday morning (thank you Stef!).

Hopefully I'll snap out of my blue mood by lunch and will be able to post something a little more entertaining.


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