Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bob's Triumphant Return

Out to eat again this evening with Mom and Dad Z to celebrate their anniversary. We went to Bahama Breeze, and boy was it good. I got the portabella and veggie sandwich on Cuban flat bread with a side of fresh fruit, and I highly recommend it. The Bug was quite good, as usual, hanging out in her high chair and doing things like reading her plastic book (upside down of course), playing with the coasters on the table, and chewing on her little pink bunny like it was the best hasenfeffer in the world. She managed to get her grandpa going in a game of "I throw it down and you pick it up" for much of the evening.

Then home to feed Doodle, play for a bit and put her down for the night, clean up some cat barf, clean out the kitty boxes, and vacuum up the kitty litter. People say that cats are low-maintance pets. People are wrong.

Big news in the Z House: the new Bob arrived last night. Grandpa brought it over after dinner and we spent 10 minutes extricating him from his package so he'd be ready for Zozo this morning. She was quite pleased to see him, and to be tickled by his ribbon hair. Welcome back, were missed.

I'm trying to convince M that we should purchase another Bob, a spare Bob, a back-up Bob, so to speak, in case the unthinkable happens and we lose him again, because now he's discontinued and will be impossible to replace in the future. M thinks that is unnecessary. I think he just doesn't recognize the value of Bob.

One of my buddies from college has several spares of her daughter's favorite stuffed animal stashed away in a closet. She even washes them from time to time so they wear a bit, so when the current animal is lost, it's replaced with no one being the wiser. I'm learning that one requirement to be a parent is to learn to be sneaky.


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