Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bahchoo humbug

While M and Zozer are getting over their colds, I'm sinking down into the snot-infested pit of headcold hell. Blech.

Last two days/nights have been hectic. Work is filled with events (which end today at a luncheon, thankfully), and home has been filled with homework, which we wrapped up last night. That'll free up time for M to finish the Grand Lighting show, and for me to get downstairs decorated. These days, I'm most grateful for Dayquil, or rather the Walgreens version of it that costs less and is just as ineffective.

My goal is to get through the luncheon today (where I'm supposed to exude the health, wellness and vitality our spa promotes, all while sniffling, sneezing and blowing my nose incessently) and then go home and crash for awhile. Like, the rest of the day and possibly into the night.

It's distracting to try to think, compose and type all while you can hear yourself breathe. Or try to breathe.

We made gift baskets for one of the events last week and this week. I think I've eradicated most of the red and gold glitter from my work area, but every once in awhile I find a little pocket of sparkles. Normally, this would make me smile. Since I'm under the weather, I'm finding it highly annoying. Stupid cheerful glitter.


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