Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahead of schedule

The weekend was spent in a last-minute flurry of getting the display ready (M) and getting our train board and tree up (A). All is on schedule (dare I say, actually a bit ahead of schedule), and we're even ahead on classwork so all is good.

Unfortunately, we're still all battling head colds, as evidenced by our daughter declaring every 30 seconds or so, "Mommy, I have a boogie coming out!" We've become experts at blowing our noses here in the Z household, which isn't optimal for the youngest member but beats the alternative of using the dreaded aspirator. M still sounds like a foghorn when he blows, but at least he leaves the room now, which beats the alternative of Zozer bursting into tears because she doesn't like the loud noise.

We even started our Christmas shopping this weekend. We didn't get far. I estimate we're about .5% done. But at least it's begun.

M has just used velcro to attach some Light-o-Rama hardware to his laptop. He says it's "our" laptop, but he's the person who primarily uses it, and now that it's got the Easy Light Linker stuck to the top, it's for darn sure his. What is the Easy Light Linker, you ask? I think he's now able to remotely control his lights, which makes him grunt with glee and grin like a kid in a candy store. The Easy Light Linker has a big ol' Light-o-Rama logo printed on it, and has a little antenna. I've assured him that while it adds to the nerd factor, he's been granted "hot nerd" status by several women I know, so it's okay.

Anyway, he keeps asking me what I think, so I guess I better stop typing and tell him how incredibly impressed I am by his laptop-mounted Easy Light Linker system. This way, when I'm rambling on and on about how great my new Nikon D300 is on Christmas morning, he'll return the favor.


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