Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything's coming up roses

When I was growing up, my mom and dad would throw me and my sister in the ol' minivan and we'd set out on a grand adventure. (Gas was cheap and for some reason my sister and I didn't kill each other in our second-row captain's seats, although I admit there was a fair amount of poking and glaring.) Granted, these trips weren't always so grand, such as the time that we decided somewhere in south-central Illinois around 3 p.m. that we'd like to visit Hannibal and see all the Mark Twain exhibits. We arrived at 5:05. The exhibits all closed at 5. Pretty sure Mom still hasn't let Dad forget that one.

We took Grandma Gibby along on one of these Sunday excursions. It was fall, and we decided it'd be nice to have a nice, relaxing drive through the fall folliage. As we rolled along the countryside, Grandma kept exclaiming over the vibrant colors. The rest of us looked at each other, completely puzzled. I mean, the leaves were pretty, but mostly they were just sorta brown. Grandma acted like she was seeing Monet at every turn.

Finally one of us, I think it was Mom, figured out that the reason Grandma was so vocal in her appreciation of the folliage was that her sunglasses were tinted just the right shade so that everything was transformed into ultra 3-D Technicolor. We took turns passing Grandma's glasses around and each of us started exclaiming just as emphatically as she had. I'll never forget Daddy wearing Grandma's sunglasses as he drove.

Last month, when we took Zozer to the zoo for her birthday, I tossed my Jackie O sunglasses in the bottom of her stroller when we went for our carousel ride. Later, as I struggled to cram more stuff in there I heard a loud crack and knew that my Jackie O's were no more. Indeed, I had popped one of the sidepieces off. Damn. We went to Target last weekend and I got new glasses. They're smaller than the original Jackie O's, so I had to settle, but at least they block the sun and so therefore are functional. At this point in my life I'm rejoicing in items that are functional.

As we've been driving around, running errands and such, I've noticed that the world looks absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous color. Awesome definition in the clouds. That sort of thing. Then I realized: I purchased Grandma's glasses.

I highly recommend looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. It's pretty damn cool.


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