Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm for ______.

You know, I wrote a whole giant rant about the debate last night, and the two contenders for VP, and I decided not to post it. Why, you ask? Because I am a giant weenie. It's the same reason I won't put campaign signs in my yard (don't wanna get egged) or campaign magnets on my car (don't wanna get keyed).

I don't really want to have friends and family members trying from now to the election to change my mind. I'm a raving independent and perfectly capable of making up my own mind, thankyouverymuch. Which I have. For the most part. Unless something gigantic happens between now and election day. And just FYI, it's not so much that I'm for anyone. I'm mostly just opposed to a particular someone.

I have the post saved, mainly because I hate to delete anything I spent more than five minutes writing. So who knows, maybe at some point I'll bust it out. But today is not one of those days. I'll remain a law-abiding citizen of Weenieville and keep my opinions to myself. Except to M, who knows exactly how I feel. Although he doesn't really want to. It's just that he can't help but overhear as I'm standing next to him, screaming at the television.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, and M just told me he's likely to be working on a presentation all weekend. I'll try to get out with Zozer and hit the park, and take the camera with me. I haven't been able to shoot much lately and it's taking a toll on my mental well-being. Plus, I know our beautiful days are numbered and I'd really like to get a stockpile of images to work on throughout the dark winter months.

We cranked extra-hard this week and got our homework and quiz done and turned in Wednesday night, which feels really good. Huge weight lifted knowing we don't have to cram all weekend to get it done in time. After this, only two weeks left. No more quizzes. Just two weeks of homework, the final project, and the final exam. The end is in sight. Thank gawd.


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