Monday, August 18, 2008

Zoe's First Day of (pre)School!

Zozer started school this morning. She and Daddy did very well. Mommy was a basket case.

We've been prepping her, so when she got up this morning she was already talking about going to school. She put her new tennis shoes on (wanted to pick out her own socks) and let Daddy spray her sunblock, then climbed in the car. With Hoot, of course.

On the way there, she seemed a little nervous, but that could have been me projecting my own anxiety.

When we pulled up, she said, "We're at school! It's still here!" Yes, Zozer, school is still here. Which is a good thing, because if it were gone, we'd have bigger problems.

We took some pictures outside school, near the large turtle sculpture that sits by the front door, then headed in.

We got to her classroom just as Miss Maria was taping her picture next to her cubby and hook, which was very exciting. Her cubby says "Zoe!" on the bottom, and has our last name printed from a label-maker on the top. Mis-spelled, of course (the "l" and the "a" were transposed, which is the most common mutilation). Get used to it, sweetie.

Then we all walked into the room, except for Zozer, who stood at the door and refused to enter. Uh oh. This isn't good.

M went over and knelt by her.

"Do you want to come in?"
"Do you want to hold Daddy's hand?"
"Do you want Daddy to hold you?"
"Uh huh."

He picked her up and walked back in, and she relaxed. He showed her the funny mirror that hangs on the closet door, and her face lit up. He set her down and that was that. She was in, she was fine, and we were dismissed.

I gave her hugs and kisses, and showed amazing self-restraint given that my heart was breaking into a bajillion little pieces. Then Miss Maria (love her!) grabbed her by the hand and said, "Want to wave to Mommy and Daddy out the window? C'mon!" We walked one way out the door, while they walked the opposite, towards the windows.

We waved from the parking lot, and heard Zoe yell that she had to go, as she was getting ready to eat waffles for breakfast. The window creaked shut and that was it. She was gone, into the world of school and friends and great teachers and fun.

I blubbered the rest of the way to the car while my husband held my hand and laughed at me.

"What's wrong?"
"My baby is at school."
"Yeah. Isn't that a good thing?"
"Yes. But she's my baby. We just brought her home from the hospital. She can't be ready for school."
"Yeah, um, we brought her home three years ago. She isn't a baby any more."
"She will always be my baby."

He gave up, bought me a mocha and dried my tears. He's a good man.

I'll try to download and post today's pictures tonight, after we get M off on his flight and I get Zozer put to bed. School started for us, too, so reading, homework and discussion looms. I'll do what I can!


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