Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm gonna start cleaning other peoples' desks soon

Zoe is a little over halfway through her first day of school.

I have completely cleaned out my desk.

Cleaning out and organizing are my ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc. I cleaned the house yesterday while M cut the grass and Zoe napped. He walked in and went, "Whoa." I had vacuumed, mopped, dusted, cleaned off the kitchen counter and cleaned out the fridge. I scoured the cabinet faces and the front of the fridge. I put everything that was sitting out away. I finished the laundry, made the bed, emptied the trash and cleaned the litter box. It made me feel much better. Last night, I pulled a stack of magazines that was 2 feet high out and made us go through them as we watched the Olympics. Most of them wound up in the recycle bin and my end tables look like end tables again.

So, today, I continued the process. I've cleaned out my files and recycled about 20 pounds of paper. I emptied my "goody" drawer that has snacks and my emergency supplies (nail kit, Advil, the little magic green pills that are a necessity when our office gets White Castle, etc.). Nearly everything I work with is cleaned out or cleaned up. Unfortunately, I'm running out of things to organize. I might actually have to use my brain and get some work done.

Sitting next to me is the daily schedule for the Elephant Room. I look at it every once in awhile, just to see what Zozer is doing. For instance, right now I know she's 10 minutes into Nap Time. And I wonder, is she really sleeping? Or is she just laying there going, "This is really freakin' different." You know, she's not used to sleeping in a room with 13 other children.

My guess is, given her schedule this morning, she's conked out. She's had Gym, 2 Outside Plays, Large Group and Small Group, and a couple of Choice Times. Breakfast, lunch and a snack.

The Zoemobile is still in the shop undergoing it's transmission transplant, which means we're still a one-car family. This is probably good because if I had my car I would have driven to Zozer's school and spied on her over lunch. Instead, I organized my paperclips. The day is crawling at a snail's pace...all I want is for 4:45 to roll around so M can pick me up and we can go get Zoe. I can't wait to hear all about her first day!


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