Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Forrest freakin' Gump

I went running this morning. And not that stupid "power walking" bullshit that gives me shin splints and makes me look like an idiot. Nope. I was running.

Turns out that the broken foot isn't the problem. The problem is my now-shot cardio and my unwilling quads, which at this point in the morning are just starting to complain. This doesn't bode well for later today or, especially, tomorrow morning.

Still, I put in a little over 2 miles and it felt great. I felt like hopping off the treadmill and yelling, "I'm back, baby!" but I figured that the other early a.m. gym rats wouldn't appreciate that so I just got a drink from the water fountain instead.

M and I have been thoroughly enjoying our almost 2-week break between terms. I've gotten a lot of stuff done that's been bugging me, like cleaning out my closet and the guest bedroom, filing the backlog of investment statements that had been in a 3" thick pile next to the filing cabinet, and getting our taxes ready to go to the accountant.

Saturday was spent mostly hanging out with Stef, driving around the Lou and getting the lay of the land for her. We got lost very little, really, once going the wrong way on Grand and another time circling back through the Tower Grove area just to re-locate the Sonic (someone wanted a milkshake). I suppose I'm either quite easily amused or Stef is that great a person that simply driving around for a few hours is highly entertaining and a great time.

Saturday night M and I went to a trivia-night fundraiser for Tobacco Free Missouri. We're not involved with the organization but have friends who are, and they invited us and we're all about not developing lung cancer from other peoples' decision to light up their cancer sticks, so we went. We had a blast. How did we do? Let's just say we're beacons of mediocrity, landing squarely in the center after round 10.

Yours truly got to show her "Woo!"ing skills during the music round, when I was invited to stand and deliver the first "Woo!" in Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." Turns out when you're singing along to the song and you don't know when they're going to stop the music, your "Woo!" can come out at the most inopportune time, which draws the emcee's attention and causes her to call you out in front of a giant room of people to repeat your "Woo!" during the answer portion.

I'm pretty sure it was another of those times where M shakes his head and thinks, "Holy crap, what did I get myself into?"

Zozer is talking non-stop these days, and testing us regularly. Her new favorite is to kick the seats in the car, which she knows drives her father absolutely batty. They have this discussion:

M: Zoe, don't kick the seats, please.
Z: No kick!
M: That's right, don't kick the seats. What happens when we kick the seats?
Z: Kick cookies, no fruit snacks!
M: That's right. So, since you kicked the seats today, you get no cookies or fruit snacks for dessert tonight, okay?
Z: Okay. No cookies. No fruit snacks. No kicking.

Then, later, after dinner, Zoe says this:
"Zoe kicked seats. No cookies! No fruit snacks! Ummmmm, how about...cupcake?! Please!"

I'm waiting for M to start running down the entire list of desserts next time Zoe kicks the seat. "No cookies, fruit snacks, pie, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, graham crackers, pudding..."

It's a good thing he's around, because when she turns those blue eyes on me and sweetly says, "Mommy? Zoe have ike meem (ice cream), please?" I just crumble. I'm a sucker for her sweet adorableness. And she already knows it.


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