Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm tired, and grumpy (due in no small part to M's flights being jacked up and therefore him not returning home this evening as planned) and was starting to write a pathetic "poor me" diatribe here when I decided that not only was it shitty to write that, it would be even more shitty to make you all read it.

So, I'm stopping the shit. Right here. Right now. No more shit. It's henceforth a shit-free blog.

Wow. It's amazing what typing that out can do to your mindset. I'm instantly not as grumpy as I was.




Yeah, I'm runnin' out of things to type. At least tonight.

I got a massage today...that was nice. Except for the painful parts, because my therapist is desperately trying to fix two of my body parts: my left leg which was gimpy for over 7 weeks, and my neck/shoulders, which is where I carry all my tension.

I wish I could get a massage every week, but there isn't enough other stuff like the landline phone that I could cut that would make up that much money.

I suppose I'll get cracking on my accounting homework, which is blessedly the last freakin' assignment of this class. Wahoo. Right now I'm on Chapter 12, which is Managerial Accounting and Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships. Not exactly what I'd call the most interesting topic in the world, but something I apparently must learn to earn an MBA.

M and I had this discussion the other day:

A: This (accounting) sucks.
M: Yeah, well, there is a lot of math in an MBA.
A: Really? Then maybe I don't need one.
M: Oh yeah? Well, what are you going to get then?
A: Masters in Photography.
M: Really. (sarcasm dripping heavily)
A: Yes, then I'll go on to get my PhD.
M: In photography.
A: Yeah.
M: Good luck with that.

I remember seeing a degree option at Mizzou that was a Bachelors of Something or Other, Arts maybe, but the emphasis was "library studies." That intrigued me. I'm sure I'm just naive or something, but it seems to me that there isn't a whole, whole lot that goes into earning a library studies degree.

I suppose the first course is alphabetization (LIB 101: Alphabetical Assessment and Organizational Tactics?), and the second would cover maybe the Dewey Decimal System. You don't really have to learn how to type on the little cards for the card catalog anymore, but I guess you'd have to get familiar with a digital card catalog. Seems to me there's prolly software that handles most of that for you, though.

Maybe a semester on driving the book return cart safely and another one on shushing. A course on conflict resolution would be handy for those times one has to deal with habitual overdue book offenders (of which, I confess, I am one). I'm sure they also cover the horrific side of the job, too, like finding dog-eared pages and books that have been desecrated by handwriting. There's probably a psych component to deal with the stress.

Well, now I'm just being catty.

See what happens when I try to blog whilst grouchy, and not let my pissy attitude show through? Comes right out anyway, and I offend all the librarians in the world. Which is a shame, really, as I adore libraries and librarians (most of them, anyway, not the sourpuss shushy kind).

I'm gonna call it a night. Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships await.


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