Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Day

Wahoooo! Snow day!

Only, I spent most of the day at work, and it was really ice, not snow, but whatever.

I did get to leave around 3:30, cruising into the driveway around 4, so it felt a little bit like a snow day.

I took my bonus hour (no work! child sleeping! homework done! exercise done for the day!) and finally dumped the images from Zoe's first sledding into the Mac. Got some good ones, I think.

Figure it's appropriate with white stuff on the ground again to go ahead and post them. Nevermind that the white stuff is really just little granules of solidified water that wreaks havoc with the roads and makes it a pain to scrape off your car, and not soft, fluffy snow that blankets the earth with peace, love and harmony.

Daddy bundled up Zozo in her adorable little snowsuit,
and he bundled up in his handy Halliburton snow suit.
I have to fight the urge to call him
"Mr. Cheney" when he's in that thing.

Here's my girl, on my old Radio Flyer.
How sweet is that?

Daddy and Zozo, ready to zoom down the hill.
And by "zoom" I mean that
Daddy grips Zoe with one hand
and pushes them both, inch by inch,
down the hill with the other.

Turns out Mommy's old Radio Flyer
isn't built for speed.
At least not any more.

As much as I love this photo, I can't help
but laugh at the fact that she has apparently lost her feet.

Good bye, and thank you for visiting Zoe's Winter Wonderland.
Come again soon!


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