Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can you hear me meow?

Funny story about M:

M left work today shortly before noon, to come work from home since the weather was awful and predicted to get worse. He's set to work from home as he's got his laptop and his cell phone, and he can dial into the system at work and it's just like being there except he doesn't have his buddies to get coffee with and put the decorative Christmas elves outside the employee cafeteria in compromising positions. He has fun there; I can understand why he makes such an effort to go in even when the weather is bad.

Anyway, so home he came today. He was on a conference call after lunch with about five other people, including his boss from RI and one of his fellow cube-farmers from here. For ease, he had placed the cell phone on speaker and was participating in the conversation with the phone resting on the dining room table.

This is when Tachikara decided to inject herself into the conference call.

Apparently she wandered up to M and started meowing. Rather loudly. Not so loudly that M bothered to do anything about it. As he tells it later, "I thought they couldn't hear her."

Well, apparently they could, because eventually one of the RI participants asked the entire conference, "Is that a cat? Am I hearing a cat somewhere?"

M said he froze, "Uh oh." He was debating in his head what to say when the local cube-farmer friend piped up and said, "Well, some of us are working from home due to the bad weather."

That's when M finally admitted, "That's my wife's cat." Which kills me because he's the one who named her, for Pete's sake.

I don't know why I think this is so funny, but every time I picture the scene in my head I crack up laughing.


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