Wednesday, February 27, 2008

M = Meatloaf Maker

Grammy and Papa came for dinner last night, and were treated to some playtime in the library, dumping of clothes down the laundry chute, and the story of Corduroy.

They were also treated to some of M's delicious Meatloaf.

M really, really likes to stock the fridge before he goes out of town. He thinks that I can't cook or something. It's not that I can't cook, it's that I don't really like to cook. I'm happy with noodle and jar sauce most nights of the week, and am thrilled to find an excuse to order pizza. Steffi brought Chinese carry-out a couple weeks ago when M was gone...heaven! I don't mind nuking or popping something in the toaster oven, but if it involves any sort of pre-heating, more than one big plastic spoon, or multiple pots, count me out. I'd rather work on my accounting homework than cook. That should tell you something.

M knows this, and, being a good husband and father, worries about the nutritional intake of both his wife and his daughter. Before he goes out of town he typically goes on a cooking bender. That means every night for the week before he leaves, he makes all our meals two to three times larger than normal so I'll have healthy leftovers to get us by while he's gone. By the time he leaves, the fridge is packed with food, none of which I typically want to eat since, well, I just ate it. I'm also just not that into leftovers. Unless they're from a restaurant. I like those.

I used to sorta ignore his fridge-stocking antics, and then roll my eyes while listening to him spout off when he got home. "Did you eat any of this? What did you eat? Why did I make all this food if you weren't going to eat it?" I'd answer, "I don't know, you tell me!" Then I'd get a mini-lecture on eating right and not wasting food and blah blah blah. Then he'd go out of town again and I'd ignore the four baked chicken breasts in the fridge and eat noodles every night. I've even been known to make new noodles when there are leftover noodles in the fridge. Hmmm, fresh noodles versus rubbery left-over noodles...which would you choose?

Now that we have a child, though, I do feel mildly responsible for making sure she eats nutritious, wholesome food. Not Kraft Chicken Noodle Dinner every night (which personally I'd be happy to do). So we eat Daddy's leftovers most nights, and find an excuse to eat with either the grandparents or friends or someone else (anyone else!) the rest of the nights.

This week, though, M outdid himself. On Sunday he said, "I'm thinking about making meatloaf." I loves me some meatloaf, and we hadn't had it in awhile, so I was more than agreeable. He made his usual comment, "I'll make extra, so you'll have some to eat when I'm gone." Okay. Great. Thanks.

Little did I know, the boy made us a Four-Pound Meatloaf. A meatloaf of that size deserves capital letters, don't you think?

Now, I'm not sure how much he thinks Zozo and I eat on a nightly basis, but I can tell you that there's no way we're gonna eat a Four-Pound Meatloaf in a week. 1.) I don't think anyone should consume that much ground beef that many days in a row and 2.) while I loves me some meatloaf, I don't loves it eighteen days running.

So we called in the artillery last night; Grammy and Papa helped us put a pretty big dent in The Giant Meatloaf. It was very good Meatloaf, too, and stout, as Papa called it. Yes, of course it's thick. If M made it, it can withstand a tsunami, F4 tornado, hurricane-force winds, and a tremor of about 7 on the Richter scale. Probably all at once.

Anyway, although we put a hurtin' on The Meatloaf, we still have some left. Of course we do. There were four freakin' pounds to start. Zo and I have now each had two dinners and a lunch from it, and M, Grammy and Papa each had one dinner. And there is still. Some. Left.

Even the word "meatloaf" is sounding bad to me now. A loaf of what? Meat. Not real appetizing anymore, is it?

I think I'm going to make some noodles tonight for dinner. Noodles with a topping of delectable jar sauce. Side of yogurt. Some fresh fruit. Maybe a hard-boiled egg. Anything, really, but Meatloaf. If any of ya'all want some Meatloaf, I think I've got about a quarter pound left in there. It no longer takes a forklift to get it from the fridge, so transportation should be relatively easy.


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