Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Accounting is DONE!



I'm not sure if I'm more excited about getting 100% on the final or finishing the freaking first course of our lovely MBA sojourn.

So, here are our final grades for the class, as estimated by M and his trusty Excel spreadsheet:
M: 99.73967006
A: 99.53660063

I'd say we nailed the A.

I'm now going to take the rest of the week off, and not give one single thought to income from continuing operations, minority interest in earnings of a subsidiary, or preferred dividend coverage ratio.

We hadn't planned on doing the final tonight, but after taking the last infuriating weekly quiz we both decided to just plow through and be done with the damn thing. The final was open-book and we were encouraged to discuss amongst our classmates, which is quite easy to do when you sit across your dining room table from one. We did our work independently, then compared answers. Out of 21 questions, we disagreed on only 3. After 10 minutes of discussion we came to agreements on all three, we triple-checked our entries and then on the count of three clicked "finish" at the same time. Which was rather anti-climactic as then we had to count to three again and say yes, we were sure we were ready to submit our answers.

Now, I'm tired, and I am going to go to bed with aforementioned classmate.

And tomorrow night, at the Blues game, I'm going to have a beer. Or five.


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