Monday, September 24, 2007

Hello, my name is...

A couple in Chicago, Illinois, tried for 15 years to have a baby. They finally succeeded September 12. Their 15 years makes our two years pale in comparison, and my heart is filled with overwhelming joy that their wish finally came true.

But I'd also like to clock 'em in the head and ask, "What were you thinking?"

It seems Mommy and Daddy are die-hard Cubs fans and want their newborn baby to be, as well. That's quite a cross to bear so early in life, but who knows, they're playing well this season and this just may be it for them. (In the Z house we are Cards fans all the way, but if our Cards can't go anywhere, well, then we'll root for the ol' Cubbies. Keep it in the Midwest that way, eh?)

Anyway, the couple, whose last name is Field, named their child "Wrigley." I kid you not. It was on NPR this morning. I actually stopped and considered whether it was April 1, as that's the sort of bullshit story NPR runs on April Fools Day.

Wrigley Field was issued an authentic Cubs onesie, and will be given the option of going by his middle name, Alexander, as soon as he's able to talk. Which, thankfully, should be before he starts school.

I thought we were toeing the line when we gave Zoe the initials ZZ, but I see that the line has moved now and we're nowhere near it anymore.

You know, school is hard enough without being saddled with a name like that. And, being that they are Cubs fans, well, it just adds insult to injury.

Big news on the Zozo Front: she escaped from her crib for the first time this weekend. I had put her down for her nap and was watching a movie when I heard "thud" and then crying. As soon as I heard the thud I was up off the couch and already in the kitchen by the time the howling started. I knew as soon as I heard the noise what it was. I took the hallway in about three steps and busted into her room. She was standing by the side of crib, crying, with a look of "what the hell just happened?" on her face.

Holy shit. This be the end of an era at our house. We're converting the crib to a toddler bed this weekend. Wish us luck.


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Go Cubbies!

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