Friday, September 14, 2007

Reps and Sets and Rest, oh my!

I had my complimentary fitness orientation at The Lodge yesterday afternoon. A personal trainer took me around and showed me how to use the machines, which is very handy given that most of them look like medieval torture devices. "Your knees bend and your ankles hook over this bar, then you use this lever to adjust and lock the pad down to your leg. After that, line up your elbows with these red spots, resting the back of your upper arms on these pads, and grip the handle here. Now...push!" Wait, my knees go where?

I realize that it only seems overwhelming because it is all new, but damn. Like I don't look like a moron enough when I go to the gym, now I get to make a complete ass of myself trying to remember how to effectively use all these machines.

It is exciting though, and I try to remember that it took no time at all to feel comfortable with the machines at Curves. And my new machines are way better than those; I can adjust the weights and my exercises will grow with me.

When we got to the pec machine, the trainer studied my arms before flipping the pin out of the weight deck entirely, effectively defaulting the machine to 20 pounds. Oh, thanks. That's a real blow to the ol' ego. Then I climbed in and started. "Um, does it go lower than 20 pounds?"

Hard as it is to start something new, it will be a nice addition to my workout three times a week. Strength training is very important, and I know this, so I shall at least attempt it. My trainer asked what I'd like to accomplish by coming to the gym. I skirted the issue at first, saying the stuff I figured a personal trainer would want to hear. I'd like to be healthy. I'd like to have more energy to keep up with my child. Blah blah blah. Then I gave up and cut to the chase. I need to get rid of these hips and I want my arms to be friggin' ripped. Or at least not wobble when I wave to someone. That's when he smiled and showed me exactly what I need.

Since I didn't get to go this morning due to a staff meeting at our Chesterfield location, I'll be bugging out early and going this afternoon. Look for me there, I'll be the one all tangled up in a Nautilus machine.


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