Thursday, August 02, 2007

Would you like curls with that?

I'm getting my hair colored and cut tomorrow, both of which are desperately needed, and I'd like to try something new. Those of you who know me well know that I hate having the same hairstyle for more than six months. You also know that I'm typically too lazy (even though I work in a spa with hair stylists) and too cheap (even though I get an employee discount) to keep up on my hairstyles, the result being my hair gets way too long with horrible roots before I finally scream, "Enough! Do whatever you want!"

So, in a quest to avoid my usual practice of sitting down in my favorite stylist's chair and saying, "I don't care, just fix it," I decided to search for a new 'do on the 'net.

I typed in "medium curly hairstyle" which gave me styles that are way too long for what I currently have on my head. Since I'm not getting extensions (see "cheap" reference above), I changed my query to "short curly hairstyle." I was sailing along through the pages, skipping over the vast majority of them, when I hit this:

I wish I were kidding. Apparently, I look like a box of Arby's curly fries.

We curly girls are so misunderstood.


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