Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spin cycle

O Appliance Gods, smile upon us this evening as we begin our treacherous voyage into the damp domain of a Kenmore HE4T.

Yes, that's right. Clearing ancient socks from the gasket did not fix the washer. It only appeared to fix the washer for several loads, enough, in fact, to finish that weekend's loads and give us false peace of mind that all was fixed. This past Sunday, though, the dreaded F-02 reared it's ugly head. Again. We've been gimping it along, but since the load that we started Sunday night is still in there (it's really clean now), we've decided that it's time to go in.

So we'll pull it out from the wall and see what we can see. It's gonna go one of two ways: it'll be a simple fix and all will be good, or we'll back the screws out, pop the cover off and go, "Oh, no freakin' way are we digging into this. Let's call someone."

I'm hoping for the former, but am ready for the latter.

This will not be, in any way, a pleasant task. I suspect there will be lots of cursing and some tossing of tools. Maybe some gnashing of teeth.

There are several forms of hell for my husband: Christmas lights that don't come on when they ought, fluids from any part of our daughter's head and body, plumbing projects, botched electrical work, and what we are facing tonight: plumbing and electronics. Goody.

My future is not bright, people.


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