Wednesday, May 30, 2007

La la la laaaaaa

We're going to the opera tonight. I'm very excited about this, as I've never been to the opera before. I've learned that we need to get there on time, preferably early, because if you're late you have to wait in the lobby until the first intermission. I wish they would apply this rule at sporting events, as I'm tired of having to stand up in the middle of a play because people don't realize that we're there to actually watch the game and instead decide to go in and out of our row willy nilly.

I've also learned that, like at the ballgame, attire runs the gamut. Sounds like if we dress for church we'll be squarely in the middle and just fine.

We're seeing La Traviata, which supposedly is an excellent piece on which to cut one's operatic teeth.

Unfortunately, I cannot get Adam Sandler's "Opera Man" character out of my head. Just when I think I'm going to introduce a little culture into my life...


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