Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Velcro Baby

It seems Zozo has hit a new phase in her life. Our Parents as Teachers parent educator summed it up succinctly: The Velcro Phase.

This means that Zozo prefers to velcro herself to me most of the time, venturing out every once in awhile but continually circling back to me, or at the very least, looking back to ensure I'm still there.

This, of course, makes getting housework and yardwork done a near impossibility. At least with any sort of efficiency or quality.

But I must admit that part of me (a huge part) absolutely loves this phase. I love being her "mama," and being able to provide that security for her. I love that I'm the person she wants to be closest to in the whole world. I love feeling her little arms encircle my neck, and her little hands grip my arms or my shirt. I love that I'm the person who can make her owies feel better, and can stop (or at least somewhat abate) the flow of tears.

What I do not love is having to leave her, and listening to her cry and whimper "Mama! Mama!" It just tears my heart right out. And it takes an unbelievable amount of willpower to let her go. She's fine five minutes later, and I'm still wallowing in a puddle of tears.

I guess that's a small price to pay to get all the good stuff.

I'm sure the day will come when M will be the favorite, and I'll be the Mean Mommy for some injustice I've bestowed, or maybe the Embarrassing Mommy for wearing Chuck Taylors in my old age, so for right now I'm soaking it up. Velcro away, Zozo. Mama will always be here for you.


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