Friday, May 25, 2007


My new pal Nicole pointed out to me this evening that I had posted that I wasn't going to write any more tributes, and then went and spewed on about why I love David Eckstein.

She must know my hatred of inconsistency.

So, after thinking about it for awhile (I gave her some smartass response earlier, in complete self-defense and with little thought behind it), I've figured out why I did that.

I should have clarified in my original post that by "tribute," I meant as it relates to people whom I personally know. Like friends and family. And English majors who offer constructive criticism. That's what I meant when I wrote that it's sort of expected of me at this point, and anyone who knows me knows that I abhor things being expected of me. I like to set the expectation bar pretty low and then wow when I actually do deliver.

I started writing little tributes to people I loved on their special days, because I wanted to, because showing love through writing is easy for me, and meaningful, and fun. But then it got to be expected, to where I was actually worrying about it in advance, which means it's no longer easy, or fun for that matter. I started this blog to write about whatever pops into my pea brain every day, whether that's trucksticles or how pissed I am at Josh Hancock's family or the latest thing Zozo is doing.

Because writing "for" others isn't why I started this, nor what I want to do, I declared a moratorium on tributes.

However, I'm pretty sure David Eckstein's teammates aren't going to be calling me, going, "My turn! My turn! Write about me next!" Which is kinda what I was getting from people I do know. "You wrote XXX about that person...wonder what you're going to write about me." Someone's even been known to count paragraphs, which meant I actually had to ensure that I wrote the same number or more about someone else. (You know who you are!)

So, yeah, that's my reason behind saying I wasn't going to write tributes anymore, and then promptly posting about my love of David Eckstein. Or his sense of humor anyway.

By the way, David's back at the top of the order, and is using Number One Spot as his at-bat song again. All is right in the world again.


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