Friday, May 25, 2007

Manna for gear junkies

Funny conversation with M last night:

M: "You've had 400 posts to your blog?!"
A: "Yep."
M: "In what amount of time?"
A: "A year, dork. Aren't you reading the blog right now?"
M: "Yeah, but I think your average is wrong."
A: "I used a calculator!"
M: {as he mumbles a bunch of numbers and crunches the equation in his head} "Oh, yeah, I guess that's right."

It's always good to have a math genius in the family. Keeps you on your toes, you know.

After taking Zozo over to Grandma's this morning, we walked back across the yard and I spotted some fallen leaves (it was windy yesterday afternoon!) that had some raindrops on them. Pretty pretty. M left for work and I grabbed the Nikon. Love being able to shoot first thing in the morning. Made me a few minutes late for work, but it was worth it.

Funny how just holding a camera for a few minutes in the morning, and hearing that shutter click, can start your whole day off right.

In other news, I read in my PDN this morning that Hasselblad has released a $32,000 camera, the H3D-39. Wow. I better be able to drive the thing for that price. Can you imagine? Now, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a Hassy. They are beautiful. Gorgeous. Fantastic images. The film versions are great because your negative is huge in comparison to 35 mm. They're a little fussy; one of my photography instructors had one and the shutter was constantly jamming. Back then I thought they were rather expensive. I could have purchased a body for $400. Looking back, I should have done it, although that would have led to additional costs for lenses and film, since my Nikkors obviously won't fit a Hassy body. Still, it'd be nice to fart around with one some day.

But $32,000 for a camera? Now that's just a bit much. Oh yeah, and that $32,000 gets you the body lenses. Nice, eh? You're essentially shelling out 32 G's for a paperweight, since that's all you can do with it without lenses.

The gearheads are salivating, though, because that little "39" designation in the name? Yeah, that's for 39 megapixels. For comparison, my D100 has 6.1. Most of the other DSLRs out right now have around 12. This puppy has a full-frame sensor and 39 megapixels.

Maybe $32,000 isn't so bad for a camera body.


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