Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Went to the Cardinals game last night and had a blast. Sat next to a very sneezy M, so I'm not sure how much he enjoyed, but I thought it was a great night. Winning didn't hurt, that's for sure, and seeing Dunc smack one out of the park was a highlight. We had a big ol' drunk guy sitting in front of us who was annoying at first, but then I figured out he was pretty harmless and that my night would be considerably more enjoyable if I laughed at him instead of being annoyed by him. Let's call him Jim Bob, shall we?
For starters, Jim Bob was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Drunk women: FREE Breathalyzer Test. Blow Here" with an arrow pointing down. Now that's Klassy. He had David Crosby's hair from the 70s, you know, that scraggly shit that hangs down the back with the balding top. Didn't stop him from sporting the Goody comb in his back pocket (I kid you not). Maybe he used it on his overgrown fu manchu beard, who knows. He was a good ol' boy, that's for sure, and we bet he was pretty plowed before he ever even walked into the stadium. Jim Bob entertained the crowd by regaling us with the lyrics from "Signs," the old Tesla classic.

What was hilarious was that he honestly thought he was singing along to the music that was playing over the stadium's PA system. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't "Signs."

He left before the 7th, hollering, "Good bye, all you beautiful people!" and we cheered him. It was considerably quieter after he left, and far less entertaining. I must admit, I missed Jim Bob. Sniff sniff. It's times like that when I think to myself, "Damn, you really ought to carry the camera with you at all times."

Today we have a management meeting here at the spa, and if it gets to dragging on too long I'm gonna pull a Jim Bob and belt out "Signs" with no warning. That ought to break things up.

Tonight is our church picnic, and I can't go as I've got a business dinner. I'm torn. I'm really looking forward to the dinner because it's with great people at a really good restaurant that I haven't been to yet, but I'm also peeved that I'm missing the church picnic. Especially since I won't be there to watch M make himself sick on the Rock-O-Plane (see last year's post concerning M and amusement rides). Hopefully the ride will take his mind off his new head cold that he received from yours truly, according to him. I blame The Daughter, but he won't budge.


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