Monday, May 21, 2007

M improves and Zozo gets an owie

Terrific news today!!!! M announced this morning, "The pain is gone in my arm!"

We're not sure if it will last, but damn, it's good to hear that. Poor boy has been in agony since February 13. His shoulder surgery led to pain up and down his arm which led to tendonitis in his forearm and hand which led to what they think is maybe an ulcer (from all the meds). Ugh. Not sure if he'd have signed up for the surgery so willingly had he known all this was going to happen.

Looks like we're on the downside of it all now, though.

Zozo got her first skinned knee this weekend. She tripped on the sidewalk behind the house and went down. You can see it in the second image of the post below. She was a trooper though, and was finished crying in less than two minutes. She keeps pointing to it, and I keep saying, "Yes, that's your owie." Sometimes I use "booboo." I suppose I should figure out which to call it so as not to confuse her.

I spent most of the weekend recuperating from my head cold, which wasn't bad but was enough to sideline me and give me something to gripe about. I woke up today feeling better than I have in a week, though, and am now in that frantic "I must catch up!" mode. Ran around this morning and did all kinds of things to feel useful and to make up for the uselessness I was this weekend.

M was on a tear, though, all weekend. Methinks he tries to work through the pain since his stomach was pretty jacked up. It's like the worse he feels, the more he accomplishes. Besides the usual stuff of regular home maintenance, he also tore out the compost heap. It was left over from Bee, the previous owner, and basically just looked like a giant weed pit. Good soil, though, which went along one end of the house and into what will be our veggie garden.

I have more pics from yesterday, including some artsy stuff I shot around the house just for kicks. Spent last night folding mounds of laundry, though, and didn't make it back on the Mac. Perhaps tonight.


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