Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blast from the past

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I received a phone call from a former employer. I won't reveal the name, but family and close friends will remember it was the video and conference technology place. So, yeah, my boss there (whom I left because he was lacking in the ethics department) didn't call, which is probably a good thing because I still spit when I say his name, but rather had one of my old colleagues call.

She was a receptionist when I left, helping with sales, and is now something like Operations Director. Good for her! She was a lovely girl, very much fun to work with, but blind as a bat when it came to John. Would've followed him anywhere, and in fact, had followed him from their last job.

So anyways, she gives me a call and says, "We're looking for a Marketing Director and didn't know if you were by any chance looking..." Apparently John had told her to "find" me and give me a call, since now they've grown enough that they need "a real marketing director."

I'm quite pleased with myself for being gracious and charming, and not saying, "Tell him pigs will fly over a frozen hell before I would ever even consider working for him again." I must have grown as a person since I left there.

Still, it's nice to be in demand.

On a different note...

Happy Blogiversary to me!!! Yes, one year ago today I started Latent Images. I had no idea whether I'd really keep up with it, and am quite pleased that I have. Today is also my 400th post, which means I've averaged 1.0958904 posts per day in the last year. Impressive! Or "very commendable" as my Papa would say. I can't say for sure if readership has grown or fallen off, but I do know that I have a few very loyal viewers who are quite vocal when I miss a day. Which is quite silly since they are the same folks who can't seem to update their own blogs or MySpace pages with any regularity whatsoever. Anyway, thanks to everyone still reading. Feel free to drop me a line so I know if you're still out there!


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