Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just when I thought people couldn't get any more STUPID

I learned that Josh Hancock's father has filed a lawsuit against Mike Shannon's, the tow truck company, the tow truck driver, and the driver of the stalled car.

You have got to be kidding me.

I firmly believe that this is quite possibly the most bone-headed thing in the world right now.

Let's see.

He was
  • drunk
  • speeding
  • on his cell phone
  • not wearing a seatbelt
  • in possession of an illegal substance
But it wasn't his fault.

Hello? Hello? HELLO?

I posted earlier that I thought the family was wrong for allowing his funeral, the funeral of a drunk driver, to become a media circus.

Boy, that was just the beginning.

Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves. I sit here and shake my head, and feel sorry for the tow truck driver and the stalled car driver and send them all my best wishes, and fume over the sheer idiocy of the Hancock family and its lawyers.

What sent me over the edge was their claim that Hancock became involuntarily intoxicated. Are you out of your ever-loving mind?


Why are Americans, who are so damn proud of our independence and "pull myself up by my bootstraps" attitude, so quick to point the finger at someone else. Anyone else. When did it become okay to assume the "victim" role every time?

Why stop at suing those people? Why not sue: the maker of the rental car, the driver of the truck who struck his car a few days before (because perhaps had he been driving his own car the accident wouldn't have happened), the maker of the tires on the rental car, the rental car company, the cell phone company, the girl he was talking to on the phone, the pot dealer who sold him the drugs, the beer/alcohol company whose beverages he "involuntarily" consumed, MODOT for that dangerous stretch of road, the driver who cut off the stalled car, the police for not getting to the first accident quickly enough, the Cardinals who were sitting at Cafe Napoli waiting for him (for enticing him to drive), the other patrons at Mike Shannon's for creating a festive atmosphere that encouraged "involuntary" consumption of alcohol...

You get my point.

Damn, if I could blame every stupid thing I did on someone else, life would sure be a helluva lot easier.

Involuntary intoxication. I can die now. I've heard it all.

I didn't think I could ever reach the point of feeling sorry for Josh Hancock. He made his bed, and he laid in it. But now, I do. I feel sorry for him because his moronic tragic death is being taken to epic proportions and what little good will was left towards his memory is being sullied.

Shame on you, Mr. Hancock. Shame on you and your greedy lawyers. Cardinal Nation mourned for your loss, but that's all over now. Don't think so? Check out the Talk Forum on


Anonymous mama said...

You said it all, and you said it right. you go girl!

9:01 AM  

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