Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can I go back to bed?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and, from the instant your eyes opened, you knew it was gonna be a bad day?

I'm so freakin' tired today. I had my business dinner last night, which sounded great in the planning stages but which in reality turned out to extend my work day quite a bit. To 12 hours, to be exact. And it was on the same day as a management meeting which by itself is mentally draining. Ugh.

The dinner was good, and fun, but went to 9:30, which considering it started at 6 was waaaaay tooooooo looooooong. And we couldn't get out. Our host, bless his little heart, kept finding one more thing he just had to share with us. We all walked out together, and the only thing that kept me from sprinting to the car was the fact that I was wearing heels. By the time I got home, my kid was asleep, my husband was asleep, and even the cats looked at me like I was disrupting their evening of doing absolutely nothing. Read for a bit and went to bed, and the alarm went off about 10 seconds after I closed my eyes. That's what it felt like, anyway.

So this morning I feel all draggy and grouchy and pissy. Came in to an e-mail from a potential client asking if a particular coupon is good at just one of our locations, or at all three. Um, yeah, it says right on the coupon itself that it's good only at the one. Right there. RIGHT THERE. That's why I put it on there. You know, to answer that question that people might have. So, this particular client has reinforced my view, for today anyway, that people are stupid.

While I'm typing her response (without my grouchiness attached to it, and with the open-ended offer to answer any other questions she might have that I just know I'm going to live to regret), I hear a BAM behind me. I didn't even need to turn around. Stupid bird.

I did turn around, though, and saw a beautiful little brown bird laying on the sidewalk below my window, breathing its very last breath. There's just something about watching another living creature die and being powerless to stop it that kinda wrecks your whole day. Damn.

I found a plastic bag and went out, picked it up (it was lighter than I thought it'd be) and unceremoniously deposited it into the dumpster. Not exactly a burial befitting one of God's creatures, but again, I'm in heels and I have work to do, so it was the best I could come up with. Perhaps I should have hummed Taps or something.

What a crummy day. And it's not even 10:30 yet.


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