Monday, April 09, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

Ahhh, back in the office after a three-day hiatus.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. If you really want to see a great exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum, and soak up the wonders of the photographer Nicholas Nixon, and get lost another world that can only be captured by an 8x10 format camera...don't take a 19-month-old with you. Yes, I know this sounds crazy from the beginning, as in "why would you ever think you could do that?!" But I was honestly ready to give it a go. We'd like Zozo to get used to going to places like the art museum so that she's comfortable there as she grows up.

And we'd have been fine except that we were bad parents and forgot that our child wigs out when she's put on an elevator. Damn. Rookie mistake. She's been like this almost from the beginning, and on all-elevators. She's an equal-opportunity elevator-hater. The mall 'vators, Macy's, Dillard's, even Nordstrom. Trust me, we've tried them all. Don't think that because the art museum has one of those giant elevators the size of my kitchen that it'd make a difference. Nope. We hate that one, too. And, of course, we required the elevator due to the Nixon exhibit being in gallery 313 (which is on the 3rd floor, natch) and our having the stroller. Next time, we split up. One of us takes the 'vator-hater up the stairs while the other takes the elevator with the stroller.

Anyways, check out the Nicholas Nixon exhibit if you can. It's phenomenal. And very small and not overwhelming, so you don't have to spend a whole day or even a whole evening there. You can bang it out in under an hour, I'd say. Good stuff, Maynard.

What else did I learn this weekend?

Ahh, yes. Number 2: Don't schedule a doctor's appointment (2 shots!) in the middle of naptime, and visiting the Easter Bunny on the same day. Actually, the Bunny part went just fine at first. We had her laughing and smiling and giggling. Zozo, not Bunny, which has a perma-grin perpetually frozen on his face. We kept going and going, and finally, as Zozo began to tire of our antics and realized she's actually sitting on a total stranger's lap and not a giant stuffed animal, M asked the punk manning the camera, "How many do you have?" He responds, "One, but she's blinking so we need to get another." At this point Zozo starts to turn on the water works. He got one more shot, with her finger in her mouth, of course, as that's where it always is these days what with some molars coming in and all, and you can only tell she's getting ready to cry by the fact that her little nose is bright red. Poor baby.

So we paid (through the nose, as usual) and got our pictures and left. Later I scrutinized the images at home and was totally appalled. The highlights are completely blown. No detail at all in Bunny's white fur. I could have done better with my point 'n shoot. Grrrr. When you have an incredibly controlled environment like the mall, where you're taking shot after shot after shot...there is just no reason to have blown highlights. Sheer ineptitude. Damn punk.

Easter Sunday was fab, though. Lots of fun going to Great Aunt Peg's and Grammy's. Zozo raked it in, I'll tell ya. The little girl is loved...that's for sure. And yours truly felt the love, too, getting Grammy's famous Rotini Salad for Easter Dinner and a giant container to take home to boot. Love that stuff. We did miss the Z family quite a bit, though. Easter just ain't the same without watching Dan and Joe tear through the yard lookin' for eggs.

Happy Easter to everyone!


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