Monday, April 02, 2007

Chip. On my shoulder. Not chocolate.

I could give you a blow-by-blow recap of our weekend, but that just doesn't seem very intriguing. Don't get me wrong...the weekend was perfectly fine. It was just nothing that would stimulate overwhelming intellectual thinking or be all that entertaining, really.

Plus, I'm rather testy today. No one reason, really. Just am.

Could be that in my frozen Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken lunch, I've found exactly one piece of chicken. And it looks questionable at best.

Could be that the Cards looked like my fifth grade little league team last night for the season home opener (and the opener of MLB, thankyouverymuch) to boot. Could also be that it was broadcast for all the world to see on ESPN and was the only game to watch. Could be that I'm still pissed at Tony for making such a stupid mistake as to drink and drive. Grrrr.

Could be that we're now less than one week out from a one-day holiday, which is always just a giant pain in my rear-end due to the multiple-family issue. I hate holidays. Hate them. Commence worrying about whom I'm going to piss off this weekend.

Could be that I'm craving a freakin' soda like you wouldn't believe, but I can't have one because I gave up soda for Lent. Dumbass idea if I ever heard one. Next year it's Indian food. I shall give up all things curry for Lent. I hate curry, by the way, so it should be easier.

Could be that I worked on an Excel file for 90 minutes last week and then saved it (or didn't save it) God knows where, so I cannot find it today. And of course, my CFO has requested a copy. Bah.

So, yeah, it's not any one big thing, but a bunch of little stuff that all adds up to Giant Crabass. A veritable Mrs. Grouchypants, if you will.

Beanie has cheered me somewhat with this thought:
The Cardinals will not be able to serve beer any longer. Why? Well, they lost the opener.

Don't ask me why, but I found this insanely funny.


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