Thursday, March 29, 2007

M = Master Presenter

So on Tuesday M gave his presentation at the trade show he's attending in Vegas. Presentation went well, as it always does, because M is great at building shows and then phenomenal at presenting, but he was rather disappointed because they had to move him into a different judging category because not enough companies registered in his category. He thought that since he was competing in the "wrong" category that he didn't stand a chance to win anything.

He was wrong.

He won!

Was called up in front of everyone yesterday afternoon, flashbulbs popping away, to receive his award from the organization's muckety-mucks.

I'm so proud I could just explode. That's my boy!

I'm checking the show's web site to see if they post any pictures. If it goes up, I'll post a link here.

Last night he went out with Tiffany and Doug, friends of Beano's actually, who we've commandeered to be ours, too. Doug picked M up at his hotel and they met Tiffany at The Roadrunner, a place the locals go to away from the strip. Doug convinced M to try the Dr. Pepper Steak Tacos, which was apparently a very good recommendation as M absolutely loved them. Many thanks to Tiff and Doug for taking him out and showing him a good time last night! He really had fun!

As for the home real news here. Zozo and I had a quiet dinner together before going on another walk. I hope she enjoys our walks as much as I do. She's adorable in her stroller, waving at the cars that go past. Tonight we're heading to Grammy and Papa's for dinner with the fam. Joey is excited because he hasn't seen his Doodlebug walk yet. They grow up way too fast.


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