Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Beano was apparently going through some old e-mails this morning, because she sent me one that I had e-mailed her March 2, 2005. Even though that's only two years ago, it feels almost like it was a different life.

I had attached an image that I scanned in at work: our ultrasound picture from five weeks before then that showed our Doodlebug at 12 weeks of age in utero.

She's just a little bean in there. We didn't even know she was a she at that point.

It's fun to think back to then and remember what I was thinking (Is it a boy or a girl? I can't believe it finally happened. How am I going to tell my new boss? Can I really do this?) and what I was feeling (tired).

It's also fun to compare how our lives have changed since then. Different, definitely, but not earth-shattering. Different in a good, comfortable, "where have you been?" sort of way. Better, on so many levels.

Beano was on a roll, apparently, because she also found and sent the later ultrasound, the one from when we found out she is a she, and that she now looked like a real person. So, yeah, a couple little e-mails from Beano today made me all reflective and gooey.

And then I remembered that the little bean pictured above is the same creature who tried to hit me with sticks yesterday because I wouldn't let her toddle out onto the street in front of our house.

All in all, I'd have to say that being a mommy rocks. And being Zozo's Mommy is the best job in the world. Sticks and all.


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