Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sometimes I'm sourdough

"Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven."
- Yiddish Proverb

Something about that just tickles me.

So, you know you went to bed too late when:
1. a bird chirping 30 minutes before your alarm goes off drives you to wish you had a shotgun under the bed to blow its friggin' beak off.
2. you stumble around in the morning and put your bra on inside out. And you don't realize it until you catch a glimpse in the mirror.
3. you go to brush your teeth and you realize that your mouth still tastes like toothpaste from the before-bed brushing.

I don't handle lack of sleep well, obviously. Stayed up too late working on one of my "if I stay busy I won't miss him as much" projects. Ridiculous.

Once I got moving, though, I was okay. Beautiful, gorgeous, incredible day outside! I think I'll celebrate by sitting in a windowless room with my management team for a three-hour meeting. Yay.

Got some rocks from the spa, so I'm thrilled! Yes, I know how stupid that sounds. Let me explain.

We have this awesome fountain here at the spa, and the water runs down into a bed of rocks. Those smooth, round ocean rocks. I love rocks like that. So anyway, we've figured out the fountain needs to be cleaned every five seconds to keep it looking beautiful, and the rocks are a big pain in the rear to move every time we need to clean it. Out go the rocks, in goes some plastic grass stuff that I questioned at the time but have fallen in love with now that it's installed. Since we're not using the rocks anymore, I am taking them home to put them under my Japanese maple outside the front door. I wanted to use those kind of rocks from the beginning, so I'm stoked that I get them and don't even have to pay for them!

That's my "if I stay busy I won't miss him as much" project for tonight. Rock arrangement.


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