Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stormy lens caps

Spectacularly creepy skies this morning...I love storms. Although now the thrill of a good storm is tinged with the dread of losing power, since it happens so often...

Heard recently that Ameren is talking about creating a "credit" plan whereby its customers are compensated for extended loss of power. $25 a day for up to four days. Uh huh. By that plan, they owe me $300 just since last summer. If you remove the four day limit, it'd be $475. I can get some new gear with that. M could add to the display. Zozo could get a lot more footie pajamas. We'll never see it, but it's nice to dream.

Here's another picture of Zozo, taken last weekend. I had removed my lens cap and left it on an end table, because, you know, photographs tend to turn out better when there is no cap on the lens.

She was fascinated by it, apparently, because she kept returning it to me. Mommy's little assistant.

I'm getting her started early. "Nikon. Can you say Nikon? Niiii-kooooooon."

I got a "Guh!" which I translate from babyspeak to "Nikons kick ass, Mommy!"

About now is when M rolls his eyes. Yeah, like he's not going to be teaching her the difference between a C9 Christmas light bulb and a C7 as soon as she's able to understand.

Nothing much else to report. Perhaps this afternoon will be more interesting.


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