Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big news. Big. HUGE.

Tonight we had a lovely evening of Mustgos for dinner, and then a walk around the neighborhood, and then a bath.

Dinner was uneventful, except for Zozo deciding that things would be a lot more interesting if she took her spaghetti-sauced hands and rubbed them on her head. It wasn't enough that she had enough sauce around her mouth to make her look like Bozo The Clown's little sister, she wanted to create the red hair to match.

It was a Kodak moment, so to speak, so of course I jumped up and grabbed the camera. Got a few shots, and here's the best:Yes, she is quite pleased with herself. M was ready to call off the planned post-dinner walk due to sheer mortification of his very messy baby, but I promised I could at least get her somewhat street ready and proceeded to mop her up as best I could with wet paper towels.

Her hair was a little crusty (let's just say she used some mousse or gel) but at least not tinted red. Very much.

After the walk, we came home and got ready for her bath. Daddy drew the bath while Mommy got Zozo undressed. Then, for only the third time, we put our naked little baby on her new potty, and talked to her about it. She knows "potty" now, and can identify the potty when you ask her where it is. And she doesn't cry when we set her on it like she did the first time, so I figured we were making progress.

So there she sat, cute as a bug and naked as a jaybird, and I talked to her about what we do when we're on the potty, and then I looked down and saw it.

There were little drops of liquid on her leg. Huh? What's that...ooooooo. There was more in the potty.

Yep, that's the big news: Zozo used the potty!

See how I did that? I made you wait until all the way down here to announce it. I'm sneaky like that, forcing you to read all the mundane stuff just to get to the good part. It's like putting the milk in the far corner of the grocery store.

Anyway, I'm sure it's totally a fluke and was just lucky timing, but we're proud nonetheless. It's not everyday that your little girl goes on the big girl potty for the first time.

No, we did not take pictures. That would be gross. Plus, she needs her privacy. And I didn't have the camera nearby.

There's always tomorrow!


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