Friday, February 09, 2007

The Kate Moss Diet

I have reached a new phase of parenthood this week, when I caught the stomach flu from my kid. I fell victim late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, which resulted in my laying curled up in a fetal position on the bed wondering, "What if I just died? That would probably feel better..." It wasn't pretty. Many thanks to the MIL for coming and getting Zozo, so I didn't risk re-infecting her. I slept almost the entire day, and my diet consisted of five Saltines, a Sprite and some Tylenol.

M was struck yesterday whilst at the airport, waiting to come home. He's at home now, in bed, trying to recover. My MIL came back this morning to get The Little Girl for us. It's so hard to be near her and not be able to hold her and love on her. I do not want her to get sick again, though, as she's still recuperating from her own bout, so I keep my distance.

I actually came in to work today, as I had an important meeting at 8 in Chesterfield, and I was making myself feel better with the thought of only putting in a half day, when I realized that I have another important meeting scheduled at 2 and so therefore will be here pretty much all day anyway.

D'ya think anyone will notice if I crawl under my desk for a nap every so often?

Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle.


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